Skyrim: 100 Smithing

In this post, I’ll tell you how to easily get to 100 skill points in smithing.

You’re going to start by collecting all the leather you can. Leather is very easy to find in Skyrim. Almost any animal you kill will drop some sort of pelt that you can turn into leather at tanning racks. You can also buy all the leather and leather strips from the NPCs, if you have extra money. At the tanning rack, convert leather into leather strips until you have 2 leather strips for each leather you have.

Then, go to a forge and forge a ton of leather bracers. Your skill will go up very fast, especially at lower levels. The reason this technique is so good, is that you earn the same skill experience no matter what item you craft (or almost the same), so why not forge the cheapest one? Some people say that this technique works better by forging iron daggers, because they only cost 2 ingredients: an iron ingot, and a leather strip. On the other hand, I assume leather is cheaper and easier to find. You can do it with iron daggers if you want, following the same principle.

This is not exactly a “cheat” but it will get you to a hundred points in smithing in no time! It will also help you level up at lower levels. Once you get to maximum smithing, you’ll be able to make and refine very powerful items.

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