Outmatched: 4 Very Hard AI – SC2 Achievement

Outmatched: 4 Very Hard AI – SC2 AchievementVideo that shows you how to beat 4 Very Hard AI on a 1 vs 4 Multiplayer Custom Game.

You should pick the map Megaton. Chose to be protoss. In this video, the opponents were two protoss and two terran.

Basically, it’s a cannon rush. But you can’t just enter the enemy base and build your pylon. In new patches, workers are smarter, and they will stop your rush. You must build the pylon at the bottom of the ramp. Try to place your buildings in the same place as shown in this video.

This replay was recorded on patch 1.4.3.

Insane Blitz – SC2 Achievement

Insane Blitz – SC2 AchievementEasy way to get this achievement. You have to beat an insane computer in less than 5 minutes. Both you and your opponent must be zerg.

-Go 6 pool.
-When the spawning pool is halfway done, send two drones to the enemy’s base.
-Build 2 spine crawlers behind his mineral line, in a way the drones won’t be able to surround them.

Once the spines are ready and start attacking the drones, the computer will GG.

Beating Insane AI in StarJeweled

This is a video that shows the used strategy to beat the Insane AI, on the Blizzard’s MOD, StarJeweled, using Starcraft 2 v1.4.3. It was made by the Gaming Room Channel.

It’s quite simple, just do mass roaches and hydralisks, in a proportion of more or less 3 roaches per 2 hydras. Use hotkeys to create units, and, of course, knowing how to play Bejeweled and luck to have a good board, help a lot.

The video has some Portuguese comments, but it’s no big deal. As long as you stick with mass roaches and hydralisks to push, you will do good…