SCBW: Cheat Codes

Here are the cheat codes for StarCraft Brood War. To use them, press ENTER, type the code and press ENTER again (in game).







  • Power overwhelming – Invincible Mode
  • Show me the money – 10,000 gold and 10,000 vespine gas
  • Operation CWAL – Speeds up Building and Training time
  • The Gathering – You may use special abilities without spending energy
  • Game over man – You lose
  • Staying Alive – You can keep playing after winning
  • There is no cow level – You win
  • Whats mine is mine – Free minerals
  • Breathe deep – Free vespine gas
  • Something for nothing – All upgrades available
  • Black Sheep Wall – Shows the entire map
  • Medieval man – All units become fully upgraded
  • Modify the phase variance – Allows you to build every structure
  • War aint what it used to be – No more fog of war
  • Food for thought – You can train units beyond the supply limit
  • Ophelia – Type, press ENTER and the mission number

Remember, the codes only work in Single Player mode!

Source: GamingRoom